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Board of Directors & Committees

Title Name
President Agustín de Aliaga
Director Ignacio Rosado
Director Jones Belther
Director Cayetana Aljovín
Independent Director Pablo Moreyra

Continuously striving for excellence, our Board of Directors has established the Audit committee for internal advisory, composed by our Directors.

Audit Committee


Assure the integrity of the financial statements

Assure high standards and autonomy of the external auditing team

Supervise internal and external auditor’s performance

Supervise policies, accounting standards and internal monitoring of the Company’s financial statements

Supervise the appropriate compliance of norms and regulations regarding legal standards

In brief, this auditing committee focuses on (i) auditing processes, both internally and externally, (ii) financial information disclosed to investors and third parties, and (iii) the monitoring of high-risk areas within the Company.


Jones Belther

Cayetana Aljovín

Pablo Moreyra