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At a Glance

Nexa Perú

Nexa Resources Perú S.A.A. (formerly Milpo) (BVL: NEXAPEC1) is a Peruvian mining company of regional scale dedicated to exploration, extraction, processing and commercialization of zinc, copper and lead concentrates with contents of silver and gold and is currently one of the main polymetallic producers in Peru. Nexa Peru develops its operations with a clear commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Nexa Peru currently holds three polymetallic mining units in operation: Cerro Lindo (Ica), El Porvenir (Pasco) and Atacocha (Pasco). It also features a portfolio of polymetallic and copper Greenfield projects with advanced exploration.

The Company belongs to Nexa Resources S.A., the metals and mining division of Votorantim S.A., a strong, private and diversified conglomerate that has over 100 years of history and a global presence in key sectors of the economy in more than 23 countries.

Capital Structure

Since September 24, 2021, Nexa Resources S.A. is entitled to 83.55% of Nexa Resources Peru S.A.A. common shares through two of its subsidiaries: Nexa Resources Cajamarquilla S.A. and Nexa Recursos Minerais S.A.

Our share capital consists of 1,257,754,353 common shares, fully subscribed and paid-in, at a nominal value of S/.1.04 per share and 21,415,462 investment shares. Our common shares are registered in the Monthly Stock Market Report (Reporte Mensual del Mercado de Valores) and listed on the Bolsa de Valores de Lima.

The following table sets forth certain information concerning holders of our common shares as of December 2021:

Shareholder Number Share Capital (%)
Nexa Resources Cajamarquilla S.A. 1,048,621,896 83.37%
Nexa Resources 2,277,601 0.18%
Public float 206,854,856 16.45%
Total 1,257,754,353 100.0%